#ENJOY Eyewear

Interview. Discover the ultimate, stylish, and polarized world of #enjoy eyewear!

Who are you?

We are a well-established Italian mid-price eyewear company that has extensive experience in producing and positioning our products within the European markets.


During recent years we have been observing the transformations in the market and the gradual emergence of a new and conscious need for a particular category of consumers – The Millennials.

Formerly considered as young and penniless consumers, they have been changing their role in the market during the years by heighening their awareness as consumers towards the stunning use of social networks and the internet in general.

At the moment they represent one of the main consumer market participants, and their role is continuing to grow.

#ENJOY is our answer to the Millennials needs in terms of as it is aware of consumers having to deal with a small budgets, while also the need to #ENJOY the life at their best at the same time.

Can you explain better?

#ENJOY brings together all the best of high fashion from fancy polarized lenses to unique shapes and styles without the scary high price tag. Because of this, #ENJOY is the perfect solution for those girls and guys who want to always look great and fresh while having a bit of fun in summer and enjoying the seaside with ease. We are working to re-invent  eyewear so that it transcends how it is currently conceived by re-interpreting timeless shapes. Our consumers will feel comfortable with their cool look and will be free to #ENJOY their life each time they wear a pair.

Isn’t this a designer product?

Can we say yes and no? The Italian background talks for itself and its inspiration to our long eyewear tradition is undeniable. Our goal is to offer the luxurious feeling of designer eyewear and to have a good brand experience, but it is important that the glasses are affordable and within the budget of our beloved customers.

Great job guys. How is going to be in the upcoming future?

Our future plans are really interesting, along with the sunglasses collection we are offering now there will be also a collection of optical frames for those wanting to be cool anytime!

Thank you so much and we wish you a good luck!