#ENJOY Eyewear


#ENJOY is a word with a strong and clear meaning

Our brand carries a clear and characteristic message based on our basic values of joy, youthful charm and freedom, fun and sun-bathed pleasure.

When we started thinking about the concept for this year’s Spring/Summer 2018 promotional campaign for our new line o sunglasses collection, we wanted to present our products in a natural and sunny scenery where life is happy and cheerful, where young people meet to relax and have fun, all while experiencing great joy from what surrounds them: Life!

The message of our campaign must be undeniable – #ENJOY Life’s pleasures!

Our young customers are already starting to sunbathe on the beach and meet with friends for terrazza aperitifs. Therefore the choice of location was very easy and direct – Sicily. There is no better place than this island as it sums up many features of the Italian lifestyle: sun, relaxation, the sea and the beauty of nature. We want to offer our customers a sense of the culture of this country, through polarized sunglasses that can be worn in the summer for many different occasions.

“Our client can always express his unique style and wear fashionable and technically good shades from our collection so that every day he can experience the life’s pleasures and be cool!”